HVAC Engineering AS was established the summer of 2008 as a fresh company with years of experience. Core knowledge within Offshore Ventilation in the Norwegian sector. We are competent engineers, with good knowledge both in the Norwegian shelf, and the International arena within the HVAC business.

HVAC Engineering is located in Maritime environments at Hanabryggene Technology Center in Sandnes Norway.

Company services are engineering and supply of relevant HVAC equipment designed to fit any purpose. Typical equipment supply is HVAC Units, Cooling Units, Fire Dampers, Galley Hoods, Control systems, etc. for specific installations. We have throughout the years of operation and experience established good relations to factory producers, and will guide any supply to fit the purpose.

Documentation will be in accordance to NORSOK and NS 5820. The document control system is done in the programming Proarc Document Handling System.

We take pride in the proactive attitude to changes in rules and regulations for the disciplines we deliver.



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